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Exercises for shoulder injuries

Q: I have a Rotator cuff injury. What can I do for this shoulder injury? 

A: To successfully treat a rotator cuff injury you first need to identify the damaged structures and the severity of the damage. Most of these injuries heal with time and by avoiding the stresses that caused them. A visit to a physio for a thorough assessment is well worth the time and effort. Accurate diagnosis is critical to the speed and quality of recovery. Your physio may send you for diagnostics like an Xray or ultrasound scan if they are concerned about a slow recovery.

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You may be given exercises to ensure the injured shoulder joint doesn't get stiff while the rotator cuff repairs. The simplest of these is assisted elevation. To do this exercise grasp the hand of the injured shoulder with the good hand, fingers interlocked, and lift the injured arm toward the ceiling. Stop when you reach the point of pain and lower slowly. If you can, repeat this movement 5 to 10 times.


What strengthening exercises can I do for my shoulder?

The exercises shown in the following video are often given to people recovering from shoulder surgery. They are suitable if your shoulder has reached a level of recovery, where the surgeon is recommending them. They should not cause pain. If they do, STOP and get advice from a qualified health professional, such as a physio, before continuing.